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The Stained Path Home

16 Nov

The leaf-stains left by rain on Fallen limb-partsLaying limp on cold concrete

Mar my walk Home.

I ponder the shapes–

Maple, Garden-variety.
Tomorrow’s sun ascends

A humble soul performs

His role:

Sweeps and mops while he walks.

Leaves cleared, cement unstained–till the leaves fall




15 Nov

Pale icing on a green cake

Boasting brown misshapen sprinkles

This world is rock with earth caked on.


15 Nov

Pudding plods, bleached

Thinned out by some cosmic fork

Whisked around the world and left in layers above the mountain crags

Today, still. But not ever so

Some days, the dairy expires gray, dull

And the clouds lose their magnetic chin-pull.