sitting in an airport all alone

4 Jan

I’ve been here for hours, and thanks to the delay, I’ll be here for hours more. My boyfriend isn’t responding to my texts and I’m second-guessing fairy-tale boy’s feelings for me–and mine for him*.
What is it about being alone in busy, bustling places that makes us so very aware of our own isolation? Is it the constant reminder of just how many people there are out there (I am alone when there are so many people I could be with)? Is it the sight of so many happy couples and endearing families that reminds us who we aren’t with? Or is it mere paranoia–that feeling of being watched or judged–at play?
I don’t know. All I know is that I’m surrounded by people but I feel so alone.

*Fairy-tale boy is not my bf. He is on a mission in Cambodia, and I have no idea whether I love him as a friend or more.


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