carnivalous, carnival-less

1 Jun

I met up with my prom date. By which I mean I MET my prom date. Finally. He seems nice. We went out for a double at the new Chipotle near us. It was to be me, Marshmallow (my date), Bambi, and Biscuit. Biscuit opted to bring her boyfriend, too, BriBri. Unfortunately, she and BriBri showed up forty minutes late (I wonder what they were doing….), so Marsh and the rest of us didn’t start eating until way later than planned. He had to leave by nine, so we ended up with about an hour to get to know each other. 

After about fifteen minutes of an awkward me, Marshmallow, and Bambi getting in and out of line, six other members of our friend group sauntered in: a completely unexpected, and utterly welcome surprise. Neither party knew the other was coming. We all went to the carnival nextdoor and then to Mc Donalds for dessert. 

Is it bad that I had more fun when my date left?

And is it worse that I enjoyed being flirted with by one of the guys who runs the games? Badly flirted with, might I add: “So, I guess you’re the only one in your group who didn’t bring a boyfriend?” he asked hopefully. 

“Gee, thanks for reminding me,” I said as we walked away. And he was doing so well till then, too.


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