ahem… re-rethinking friendships

30 May

Recall how upset and dramatic I got when Meat (AKA Bambi, who is the guy who set up Marshmallow and I) essentially ditched me to go drinking with other mutual friends? I gave him a piece of my mind via an angry text. The next day, he apologized for ditching me and I explained that it may have been my girly hormones acting  up, and how I was upset that my friends don’t invite me much (and was taking it out on him.) I probably should have stopped my word vomit from filling him in on my lonely insecurities, because a few moments later I found that he “may have gotten you invited to a classy gay guy’s party.” I hate telling people my problems for this reason: they go behind your back and help you out. I don’t want to need someone to get me invited places. I’m too proud for that. Nevertheless, I went to  Ubergay’s Memorial Day Party. It may have been the best decision ever.

The house was as fabulous as Ubergay himself. It was a massive brick building from the twenties or thirties, with a glistening pool adorned with fountains. some outdoor seating was shaded by a structure supported by Classical Columns. They used to have an orchard; now it is a badminton court. Even the people there were classy–dresses and jewelry galore. The event was catered, that’s how fancy it was. Then again, we did find a wind-up penis in their master library. I can only assume it was Ubergay’s. I wore a new maxidress and a jean jacket, and got tons of compliments. Not just from my friends, either! A random girl there said to me, “You are perfect for that dress! I swear, the people who made it had you in mind. When asked where it was from, I checked the tag. My friends made a big deal that it was from Calvin Klein. I didn’t mention that we got it from dress barn. It was really a perfect day with my friends.

Afterwards, Smi and I went to her place with Bambi. Smi has a fling with her prom date, who was out of town. She mentioned that she was horny before Bambi came, but I didn’t quite realize how much flirting she would do. I almost felt like a third wheeler until Bambi called her out on it. He said something to the effect of: “I hope I get a gay flat matter. He’ll bring a bunch of girls all the time. It’ll be great; it’ll be like this, only I’d actually want to hook up with you.” Ouch.

On Wednesday, I hung out with Gee. We went to the gym and then went to our church activity where we decorated cakes. At the gym, we talked to Gee’s friend’s older brother’s friend. He seemed kind of into me/bored Of his job. I would hook up with him.

Basically, I’ve realized that my whole friend freak out I’ll ill-founded. Now, Chloe: no worries. Be happy.


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