finally done with school and exams and such

24 May

Well. It was a rough week of exams, to be brutally honest. I didn’t study enough for a single one of my exams, and I think it’ll show… I’m not looking forward to my score report. I bet the only test I did reasonably well on is bio. Even English, at which I usually excel, was difficult for me. It really wasn’t my week. I felt like crap…


it was my time.

Which reminds me: why is it fair that women have to take tests on their period? I would not be surprised if many women do worse on tests when on their periods. I hope somebody somewhere does a period-testing study.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Oh, Chloe! How can you fall prey to the fundamental attribution error?!” Said error is when one blames external sources for failure but assumes responsibility for one’s successes. (Alright, maybe I didn’t fail my psych exam, either.) But really, part of me wonders to what degree my scores are influenced by that unfriendly monthly guest.


Meet Marshmallow. As you can see, he is thoroughly adorable, and is a good height and coloring for me. I still have never actually spoken to him, other than to give him my number, but I hear he’s very nice from several sources. I’m meant to hang out with him this Saturday.

Well. After Marshie came and gave me the flowers, I headed off to Boston. We wemy up for Mothers Day weekend so we could shop and meet up with our family friends, the Banana family. Max Banana is about nine months younger than me. We’ve known each other since birth and we’ve been to each other’s birthday parties. I hadn’t seen him since before his growth spurt. While the rest of our families shopped in a New Hampshire (NO SALES TAX!) outlet mall, we went bowling with some of his friends. I talked extensively with this guy, a runner, who asked me lots of questions about Japan and the triathlons I’ve done. He told me that he had joined in the Boston Marathon at around mile 17 to support his coach. I can’t even imagine how horrible that must have been for him, though he and his coach were safe.

We got ice cream afterwards. The small store had a free scoop policy for rainy days. It had been rainy on and off, so when I went up to the window to order it started to drizzle. How much better does black cherry chocolate ice cream taste when you get extra for free? Infinitely better.

Then the Monday after Mothers’ Day, I had my Bio exam. It was shockingly easy… hopefully I actually did as well I think. On Tuesday, I started my internship at a hospital ICU.


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