no time these days

25 Apr

I never have enough time to do all the things I intend to do. How did I waste my time today? First I went to Panera afterschool. My gals and I chatted about Prom and work and senior skip day. (This upcoming Monday.) My group may be able to go to a “country house” for the weekend after prom. The six-bedroom house is going for less than 300 dollars TOTAL. How? I don’t even know. Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t want me to go. Honestly, I don’t blame him. My friends are literally gonna be drinking, smoking, and copulating all weekend long–that’s the whole point of getting a random house in the middle of nowhere.

But at least the night of prom I’ll be able to go to a party. I hope.

Anyways, we went shopping at the mall after that. I actually bought something, which is shocking. I got a jean jacket for thirty bucks. I think I’ll probably give it back… I hate spending money. 

Then when I got home, I watched TV. Two episodes. I made myself two platefuls of fresh blackberries and dipped them in sweetened condensed milk. That stuff’s the bomb.

I attempted to run on our broken treadmill. Then I ate some more and finally worked on homework for about half an hour. 

So you see, I use my time wisely but never seem to be able to get anything done. Clearly, it’s not all my fault that I haven’t studied for my two important quizzes or finished a Bio essay, et cetera. Obviously.


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