time to drop the letters?

24 Apr

Yes, I know. It’s been a while. Ten days. In teenage years, that’s absolutely ages. But I’ll try to catch you up.

After staying with my grandparents in California, my family went to the Anabella Hotel in Anaheim. For those of you familiar with Southern California, you’ll know that Anaheim, is, in fact, home of


I once wrote in a creative writing class about how Disneyland is my one true home. I stand by that. I mean, the place has it all:

  • Entertainment. Aside from my ex, Mr. Awesome, I’ve never liked anyone who doesn’t like roller coasters. Especially the rides at Disney, which really aren’t roller coasters at all. They’re more like moving, repeating, grotesquely animatronicked short movies. Consider the Haunted Mansion, where you glide through the rooms in your hauntingly snailish doom-buggy. It’s enjoyable because of the songs and the puns and the nostalgic familiarity that reminds you of what it means to be a kid. The same goes for the classic Pirates of the Caribbean, a calming boat tour that gets you singing along every time*.
  • FOOD. I must have had at least six of the (little known) sweet cream cheese pretzels in my four Disney/DCA days this past vacation. The decadent treats throughout the park make my thighs grow just from the smell. They also make money magically disappear! (Mickey voice) Kya-huck!
  • Pretty dresses. Alright, it’s true. I’ve always wanted to be a princess. Something about a ball gown with a corset just makes my inner-eight-year old swoon.
  • Pretty boys. Some of the princes/ride workers are just gorgeous.
  • Oh, the theming! My family always makes fun of my dad because he just loves the theming at Disneyland. And yes, it’s great–Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure looks like it could be a real hotel, complete with crumbling walls and cobwebs. Cars Land, a newer addition to DCA, looks just like the movie. My dad took a picture of us in front of the fake rocks because they seemed so real. Indiana Jones is perfect down to the diamond tiles. But even outside of the rides, each land looks like what it’s supposed to be: fantasyland reminds me of a King’s Court; tomorrowland is what they thought the future would look like in the seventies.

Anyway, I cannot begin to describe how much fun I had. Unfortunately, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain were BOTH closed. I did, however, get very well acquainted with the excellent Toy Story Mania in DCA and its Disneyland equivalent, Astroblasters. (Yes, I did get an all-time high score. So there.) I was very disappointed that Woody did not drop to the floor when I told him Andy was coming, as I had been led to believe from Facebook. I was obliged to actually take the darn picture with the creepy costumed fellow.

Note to all single, dark-haired and tall guys with a 3.8 GPA and a great sense of humor, who also happen to respect women: I’m sorry, but marrying me requires a love of Disney. It just won’t work otherwise, try to understand. Not an obsessive one, mind you, but a healthy, go at least a few times a year kind of love. And you must also love Disney movies.

Okay. Sorry. I know, I sound a bit crazy right now. Try to understand, I’ve been to four different Disney parks (counting Disneyworld as one, DCA and Disneyland together as one, Tokyo DisneySea plus Tokyo Disneyland combined as one, and Hong Kong Disneyland as one) in three different countries. And I’ve seen almost all of the animated/CG Disney films at least once.

After my vacation in Disney, we went back to the old folks for a day. I got to tan by the pool. I didn’t swim because the water was freezing, but the sun was nice. Then I came to school. Blegh. But I did get a prom dress!

*My sisters once did a TV gig in Japan where they woke up early and went to a closed Tokyo Disneyland. They were filmed in pirate costumes on a giant ship and on the ride itself, and they learned the song that goes with it. I got to ditch school to go with them, because we all got to go to Disney afterwards. Anyways, all I remember of the song lyrics are villains and knaves and really bad eggs… drink up, me hearties, yo-ho!



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