9 Apr

How to make a Chloe happy:

  1. Dress her in a skirt that’s not too short to make her feel slutty, not too long to make her the laughingstock of the school, and comfy enough to skip/prance/flit around in. 
  2. Tell her she looks good today or compliment said perfect skirt. Or both.
  3. Shower her in sunshine.
  4. Give her plenty of frees at school so she can pretend to get her work done or eat semi-decent cafeteria food.
  5. Let her train the new girl, who’s very nice, at work.
  6. Take her out to dinner with two of her neighbors, Goldfish and Asian Neighbor.
  7. Have Asian Neighbor give her a good smooch after dinner.

Wait, what?

Honestly. I thought we two were done with NCMOs (Non-committal makeouts). I mean, of course I was up for it since I had nothing better to do, and since I hadn’t kissed anyone in… a long time… but it was just kind of random. And short. It was only fifteen or twenty minutes.

He was probably trying to get in some pre-prom practice time.


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