meraki and me

21 Mar

Okay, I know. The title of this post sounds like some cheesy Rom-Com about a Japanese chick and her move to America in search of love—with culture clashes and hilarity following close behind, of course.

Wait . . . you mean that’s NOT what you thought of when you read it? Oh, silly silly me. Forget I said anything. (And I do mean forget it. No stealing my super-original idea.)

Anyway, here’s my take on this week’s Prompts for the Promptless, by the one and only Rarasaur.

As a high school senior, it’s hard to be motivated to do just about anything. Except sleep. Sleep is always good. My friends and I have taken to reminiscing about the days when we used to care. Take last year, for instance. Junior year, I read (almost) all of my assigned books, I did (most of) my homework, and I actually studied for tests. Sometimes two, three days in advance, at that. This year, I’ve read SOME of my books, because I am one of the few who actually loves to read. I don’t do any of my homework at home. My friend Biscuit and I have determined that we are going to start leaving our backpacks at school, for two reasons:

  1. They aren’t opened anyway.
  2. Backpacks can cause scoliosis. Yuck.

And I most certainly DO NOT study for tests. Today, I had the first part of a two-day psych test that covers two chapters and counts as a double grade. The most studying I did was during my three free periods*. And even then, half of the time I just chatted with friends. On a side note, I found out at school today that last night, my non-Asian neighbor (Yes, that’s how my mind automatically distinguishes between my two senior neighbor guy friends. Sue me.) came and jumped on my trampoline in the middle of the night. I can never tell with him whether he’s joking or not. When I said that his night-jumping was fine as long as he doesn’t bring any girls, he countered with the fact that last year, I twice snuck into his house and made out with a guy on his couch. He’s kinda got a point, but I can’t tell him that.

Which reminds me to my next point: not only do we seniors have complete indifference to academics, but I’ve found that I can’t even be bothered to be social anymore. Last year when I moved here, I used to throw parties at my place just about every month. Maybe it’s just that everyone’s become too cool for hangouts, but it almost seems like a chore arranging things with my own friends. Admittedly, spontaneous activities do happen pretty regularly, but they still somehow miss some of that zest, that zing, that flirty LET’S TAKE ON THE WHOLE WORLD RIGHT NOW mentality. In short, our hangouts have all been pretty lackluster.

I remember when I used to do everything with meraki, with love and zeal and passion. From freshman year to now, I’ve had a complete decline in . . . oomph. As a freshman and as a sophomore, I was ambitious, determined. I did track and sang solos and was involved. I was a leader in a position usually reserved for juniors. I aced my classes, but never cheated. It never even OCCURRED to me to cheat. I did splendidly silly things with my friends every weekend, and I attended every church activity I could. The summer I moved here, all in one trip (as a sort of last hurrah) we went to the Maldives and Greece and England and the Netherlands and Qatar. I lived with my eyes open.

Even last year, I learned to drive (in theory) and took an EMT course, and got used to my new home and school. I went to Ghana in the summer and lived in a volunteerhouse there for two months. I was one of the youngest. Over the years, I did all these things the best that I possibly could. I remember numerous times when I stayed up for hours because I wanted everything to be perfect.

But this year? It started yesterday and it’ll be done tomorrow. I’ve done nothing I care about. It feels like a waste of a year, and when it’s over, I can only hope that it’ll never happen again.

It’s not even so much the fact that I haven’t done anything that sounds impressive or exciting. I don’t mind that at all. WHAT you do doesn’t matter. It’s what you put into what you do that makes all the difference. It’s meraki that gives life its meaning.

*Again, the fact that I have almost as many frees as I have classes has got to mean something.


5 Responses to “meraki and me”

  1. rarasaur March 22, 2013 at 5:11 am #

    I’m sorry your school year is sans-meraki! But at least you have your blog to pour some of your love and passion into! 🙂 Now excuse me while I write a super original script about a young japanese girl who comes to American for love…. 😉

    • chloeaevm March 22, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

      Haha exactly! That’s actually one of the main reasons I started it up, though of course I didn’t know a nifty name for it at the time 🙂 HOW DARE YOU. I WILL COME AND FIND YOU AND HIDE ALL OF YOUR DINOSAUR TOYS.


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