snowed in

8 Mar

This morning I woke up at five, so I could shower and get ready before my Seminary class at six. I awoke to this:



My bed was calling to me, so I quickly checked the school website to see if we had a delay (nope), then reset the alarm for five ten.

And then five twenty.

And then five thirty.

At five thirty, I knew I had to get up. If there is no delay, then Seminary starts on time. Which really bites on days like today. Just as I was about to get in the shower, I double checked the school website one more time, and…

SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED! I ran upstairs to tell everyone (still sleeping) about the good news. By the time I got back in bed, I was too awake to sleep… for about five minutes.

I slept until eleven, and it was magical. I really love the snow, and here’s why:

  1. No school.
  2. Natural beauty!
  3. A warm fire.

Mind you, I do mean that I like the IDEA of snow. I like to look at it, sure. From a distance. Under a warm blanket by the fire. I do not like going trudging around in it just to get home from the bus-stop, nor do I like snow’s muddy aftermath. (And yes, I am that senior who still can’t drive.)

I would show you a picture of what no school looks like. However, I think it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make anyone see me in my PJs without having had a shower for I wont tell you how long and with no make-up on. No thank you… skip.

I can, however, give you a glimpse into just how beautiful my neighborhood is:



This is a shot of an area right down the road from my house, taken from (inside, of course) my own front door. My home is pretty big, but it has alot of windows. My parents both grew up in California, so I guess it just didn’t occur to them that big house plus large windows plus Northeastern weather equals big heating bills. Suffice it to say, we heat our house with a wood-burning stove. Which my sister Pigeon somehow marked as her own territory:

This fire property of Pigeon

This fire property of Pigeon

It still perplexes me as to how and why she did that. Then again, my sisters do alot of things that confuse me. Like pee in a vacuum to see how it feels. Or pee in a bottle and launch it at my Dad while HE’s in the bathroom. The list goes on.

Next to our wood stove, we have a little urn-like jar where we store the ashes when we’re too lazy to dump them out. Today I spied a juicy looking bit of charcoal, so I grabbed a piece of paper out of the printer and five minutes later had this masterpiece:

A vaguely female figure

A vaguely female figure

Happy International Women’s Day!

After I made my family tell me my crappy art is beautiful, I tried to go to work. It was closed, so I went to the gym and ran instead. GO ME. That wasn’t a joke. If you know me, (or, I suspect, have ever seen me) you will know that excersizing is something that I feel is a big accomplishment.

I’ve gotta go: my family’s about to watch Wreck-It Ralph, my birthday present, without me!

P.S. in honor of lady day, please watch this inspirational video:

rethink breast cancer hottie hot hotties


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