waking up early… again.

4 Mar

I got a call around 7:30 from my neighbor. Last night, I asked her son if my sisters and I could get a ride to Church this morning. WHY did I ask? My  head spun for a good ten minutes after I got up. Well, I showered quickly and got ready as fast as possible. (In case you’re curious, the fro stays through the wetness, but immediately transforms back into normal curls once the brush comes out.) I wore an orange pencil skirt with black nylons and a tight grey shirt I’ve had for years. Mads and Shmands both thought they had the same one, at least at first. I also stole my Mom’s orange/pink/yellowish pumps. Because I could.

My neighbor came and drove me to church. I couldn’t convince my sisters to come—why would they come if Mom and Dad weren’t there to make them? We gossiped about the boys in our church (her son is just a little younger than me). When I got to the door, I got nervous about choosing a place to sit. I always do, even when I have people to sit next to. Today I was alone. I spotted my good friend Mads and asked to sit next to her. It was perfect because her parents were out of town, too.

It was fast and testimony meeting, which means that people in our congregation are able to go up to the podium and share their beliefs, completely spontaneously. I wanted to get up and say anything, but there was never a break in the speaking; no awkward pauses that forced me to go. I wasn’t sure what I would say, anyway. Allen’s mom went up and talked about how she was split between great excitement and great sorrow: her baby boy just got his call to go on a mission. Mormon missionaries are young men at least 18 years old or young women at least 19. Guys serve for two years, typically. You can’t choose where you go or what language you’re assigned. You have to follow strict rules, like the dress code and when you can go shopping. You’re supposed to focus on serving God and your fellow men.

After church, we went to Allen’s house to watch him open his call. Around fifty people showed up to eat and chat (these are the staple activities for any Mormon gathering). I guessed he was going to go to Idaho. Some said Mexico, Bolivia, Japan, Mordor. He got called to Colorado Springs, Colorado, which actually also includes parts of New Mexico and the surrounding states. He seemed pretty happy. He’s leaving in a month.

Jurn and Mads both used to like him. I think Mads will miss him more, since she’s liked him for years. I once liked him, too, but really only because I thought he liked me. Then he never did anything about it. He does that. I think he likes the attention.

I got a ride home from Tanman. The conversation was forced and stilted. It felt awkward. We talked about college, mostly, and a bit about the weather. Ugh. At the end of the drive, he said,

“I hope you enjoyed the ride.”


After church, I stumbled into Tor’s bed. She was watching Doctor Who, one of my favorite shows. Not even the British wit could keep me from passing out. I woke up, hours later, to an angry mom yelling about how dirty the house is. She was only gone since Wednesday. She went to Utah to recruit from BYU (her alma mater) for her firm. I’d intended to clean before she got home. I always intend to clean.

We ate ravioli with Alfredo sauce, no salad. I deposited my checks. We were going to watch TV as a family, but my mom had to get on a business call. She seemed tired. Tomorrow she has to drive me to seminary at six. She’s that kind of mom. The kind that will sacrifice just about anything for us, even if it means waking up early… again.

I went to the bathroom in my room, and saw a brown wolf-spider about an inch and a half across just chilling in my sink. It didn’t move. I fished around in my basket for my retainer top (I lost the bottom. Oh, and this is pair number three. Or four). Then I looked at the spider again, and vaguely wondered if it thought human eyes could only sense motion, like T-Rex’s. I mean frogs. (See http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071124150257AAvQ1hQ)


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