mr. awesome

4 Mar

Mr. Awesome, my favorite missionary, usually emails me every P-day (Mondays are missionary preparation days.) He lives in Cambodia, and has about 15 months left on his mission. We write big long letters to each other, because we’re best friends now. In Japan, we were each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend, and each other’s first kiss. Our story is cute, but I’ll tell it another time.

Once I checked, and he wrote me an email that would be five or six single-space pages on Word. This week, he sent me two lines saying things are pretty much the same where he is. Last week, he sent nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of the letter I sent him. A few weeks ago, my mom asked if he would wait for me while I went on a mission. She was trying to prove a point. My answer, of course, was that if I asked him to, he probably would wait for me. She thought that meant he was in love with me.

Now I’m not so sure. And I’m not so sure how I feel about the not so sure. Actually, it feels like crap. I just wish I knew whether I miss all the attention or if I still have some little remnants of feelings for Mr. Awesome. It wouldn’t matter anyway; missionaries can’t date.

After I wrote this, I rechecked my email.  He said he didn’t get my last email, so he just wrote a quick how are you this week! I know it’s silly, but I can’t stop smiling.


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