1 Mar

What an awful first post. My mind is











I could write about my day. But honestly, I don’t even remember it. And memory is too much effort, anyway. I’d much rather just stand up and jump in bed, and sleep while I have the chance. I know I shouldn’t be this tired at 4:51, but I just am. I haven’t even been that busy lately. I mean, sure I still wake up early and go to church classes called Seminary every morning before school. I’ve done that all throughout high school. But this year, I’ve been getting to sleep by about eleven on most school nights! That’s plenty of sleep. Way more than last year, anyway. And admittedly, last year I didn’t work on Saturday mornings so I did sometimes get to sleep in.

I do love my job, though. It’s my first, so of course there’s that special connection. (Hehe.) I wasn’t looking for a job when I got it. I wasn’t allowed to have one, actually. I applied at the request of my friend G, who started about a month before me. Only after I got the job did I tell my dad that I was going to work in a bakery on Main Street. He was pissed. I understand his reasoning… a job does detract from the time I have for schoolwork. But really, ever since I moved back to the States from Japan, I haven’t done any afterschool activities. I do still train (kind of) for triathlons and runs with my mom, but that’s it. Besides, I needed to feel a little less dependent on the parents who give me everything.

If you hate rich people, stop reading this blog. I do consider myself both charitable and service-oriented, but the reality is is that I’ve had a more privileged upbringing than either of my parents. My mother has worked for her accounting firm since before I was born. Through hard work, she went from a poor college student with no parental support and with a kid and a half to a partner for a huge company. She went from the 99% to the 1%. And my Dad, too, the son of Dutch colonists who got kicked out of Indonesia after the war, came from relatively little. I’ve never felt real hunger, and I’ve never wondered where I’d go to sleep that night. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have travelled around the world. This has made my life so much richer.

Speaking of riches, these four paychecks on my desk are screaming at me. I haven’t been paid since December. My mom the accountant was getting pretty angry with my boss, Tom, since I was paying taxes on checks from October I never really got. A few days ago, my parents left, taking their iPad with them. I can’t drive to the bank to cash my checks, and I no longer have a device I can do it with. So I’m stuck, looking at four rectangles filled with little ink splotches that are beginning to look like Rorschach’s butterfly-phallus-women.
Convinced I’m nuts yet? Don’t worry. There’s always tomorrow’s post.


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